List updated February 12, 2017

The following markets carry both Kosher and Non-Kosher products – check for reliable hechsherim. Note that there are no strictly-Kosher grocery stores in San Francisco)


Andronico's Community Markets

Address: 1200 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122


Trader Joes

See website for multiple locations in San Francisco

As of 8/13/14 they carry:
Non pas yisroel bread (KORC hechsher)
— Glatt Kosher Poultry (Empire), Beef Stew – both in the non kosher refrigerated meat display

-- Brooklyn Chocolate Babka with the OU Hechsher is Pas Yisroel
— assorted cheeses, not cholov yisroel
— only cholov yisroel cheese they carry is Feta cheese

Partial List of kosher products and a list of kosher symbols (hashgochot); Name of certifying agency and contact info (symbols start on page 3 of the lists)

Molly Stones


Carries a lot of kosher products in their Palo Alto location (35 miles approx. from S.F.)

Kosher Markets
There is one kosher market in the Bay Area located in Oakland, CA.

Oakland Kosher (Grocery & Meat Café

Location: 3419 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland, CA 94610
Distance from S. Francisco: 14.2 miles, Appx. 32 min (no traffic)
Tel: 510‐839-0177
Email: [email protected]

Café Menu:

(Can order online through Efax, by downloading and filling out as a pdf and send back to: [email protected])

Kosher Dining

Sabra Grill

Sabra Grill is a glatt kosher restaurant, offering Israeli and Mediterranean cuisine

Location: 419 Grant Street (right by entrance to Chinatown), San Francisco
Tel: 415-982-3656
Hashgacha: Va'ad HaKashrus of Northern California.


Izzy's Brooklyn Bagels

Location: 477 S. California Ave. Palo Alto, CA 94306
Distance from SF: 34.5 miles, appx 40 min (no traffic)
Tel: 650-329-0700

Note: carries dairy non chalav yisrael products - ask for specific kashrus requirements        


Kosher Co-Op

The RTC offers a kosher Co-op through Western Kosher.
For more information, click here

Local Hashgocho Questions:

Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California, aka. Sunrise Kosher

Main Office
2223 Ward Street, Suite B, Berkeley CA 94705
Fax: 510-217-3596
Phone: 510-843-8223
Contact: Rabbi Bentzion Welton
Email: [email protected]