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Please read the new improved ordering system!

1. Please visit www.westernkosher.com to start your order

2. Put in zip code 94118 in the green box in the upper right corner.

3. Complete the registration form.

You can now log in and enjoy shopping with pictures, prices and search features!

Orders are delivered once a month to RTC Chabad, 423 10th Ave., San Francisco. Please see schedule below.

The order usually arrives in the morning, but may arrive later in the day. All items will be organized in piles by family name in the hallway entrance.

We regret that we can not offer any refrigerator or freezer space for boxes that are not picked up promptly.

Western Kosher can be reached at 323-655-8870 or otorders@westernkosher.com.

Please contact Sara Hecht at 415-420-5132 or sarahecht@pacbell.net with any questions.


Delivery Schedule 2018-2019:

(Subject to change)




Nov 15    | Due date: Nov. 4

Dec 13 . | Due date: Dec. 2



Jan. 10 . | Due date: Dec. 30

March 7 . | Due date: Feb. 24

April 4     | Due date: Mar. 24

may 2      | Due date:   Apr. 21

May 30 .   | Due date: May 19

July 4       | Due date: Jun. 23

Aug 8th    | Due date:   July 28

Please note we still do not know about delivery in Feb. and July.

Be sure to submit your order in advance!