Over the past years, you may have heard me refer to the many stories of the Rebbe, his neighborhood of Crown Heights, and the nerve center of Chabad: “770.” There's a reason why these themes keep on coming up. This is where Sara and myself receive our inspiration in order to fulfill our service and work here in the community.

Instead of just hearing about Crown Heights from me, why not join me and the community in a group trip to New York, to where it all began: to the “engine room” of Chabad, Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

On Shabbat, (May 15—17, 2020), against the backdrop of this neighborhood saturated with Jewish life, The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is organizing an unforgettable weekend experience. 
Shabbat in the Heights features amazing speakers, insightful learning, a chance to meet local Crown Heights personalities, tours, and a visit to the Rebbe’s resting place. 

The program will run from Friday until Sunday, and includes all meals with world-class kosher food.


 It would be so nice to have you join!