Sunday, September 30
 6:30 PM  Mincha                                                                                                                  
 6:36 PM  Light Holiday Candles
 7:30 PM  Kiddush followed by dancing with the Torah
Monday, October 1
 10:30 AM  Morning Services
 1:30 PM  Holiday Lunch (Happy birthday Devorie) followed by Mincha
 7:31 PM  ** Light holiday candles after this time from a pre-existing flame
 8:00 PM  Evening Services followed by Lavish Kiddush
 9:30 PM  Hakafot  and dancing with the Torah
Tuesday, October 2
 11:00 AM  Morning Services
 12:00 PM  Kiddush 
 1:00 PM  Hakafot and dancing with the Torah
 4:30 PM  Holiday Meal
 7:30 PM Holiday Ends


To join us for a holiday dinner, click here or give us a call at (415) 386 - 8123