The Hebrew at Home Initiative was created in 2015 to fill the void of not having a Jewish education. Hebrew at Home has created 2 program options to ensure that every Jewish child is able to join a Jewish learning experience.

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Program Option 1


  1. Call/email Devorie to reserve your spot!

Time: 1 hour

Fee  $50

*Restrictions apply.

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Program Option 2


  1. Grab a few families in your area* (San Francisco) to join your group.

  2. Choose a home and time slot that works for everyone.

  3. Call/email Devorie to reserve your spot!


Commitment of 6 weeks only at a time. Can be extended after 6 weeks.

Time: 1 hour and 30 min.

Fee  $175 per 6 week commitment.

*Restrictions apply.

 Click here to register

For more information please call Devorie at 415.596.3563 or email

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