Shavuot Holiday Calendar 
May 19  - May 21

Saturday, May 19
9:01 PM Light holiday candles after 9:01 PM from a pre-existing flame
9:00 PM Evening Services
9:20 PM      Holiday Meal
10:45 PM - 11:45 PM Significance of food: Why We Eat
12:00 - 1:15 AM Text- Based Study: Ruth & Boaz, a Fateful Encounter
Sunday, May 20
First day of Shavuot
11:00AM Morning Services
12:00 PM Reading of the 10 Commandments
12:15 PM Special Children's Program at Richmond Branch Library Park
1:00 PM Delicious Dairy Kiddush Lunch
9:15 PM Evening Services
9:02 PM Light candles after this time from a pre-existing flame
Monday, May 21
Second day of Shavuot
10:30 AM Morning Services
12:30 PM Yizkor
 1:00 PM Kiddush
 8:00 PM Farewell to the Holiday
 9:03 PM Holiday Ends



Holiday Services will take place at the RTC-Chabad   
423 10th Avenue  
S. Francisco, CA  94118 

Please call Rabbi Hecht at 415-386-8123  if you'd like to join the RTC for a holiday meal.