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  • Community Bet MidrashJoin us at the Community Bet Midrash every two weeks for a smorgasbord of lectures and one-on-one learning with local Rabbis, Rebbetzins and community members.Coming up next: Feb 12
  • Join us on Feb. 22In this lesson, we will explore the Torah’s perspective on what a wife really needs, what a husband really needs, and how to cultivate true respect for one’s spouse.Sign up
  • Chassidic Farbrengen RecordingOn December 11, 2014 the RTC Chabad sponsored a Chassidic Farbrengen in honor of Yud Tes Kislev.Click here to watch online.
  • Are You a Fallen Heiress?She arrived in New York wearing a floor-length yellow sariRead More
  • How the Father of the Sepharadic Kabbalists Was DiscoveredThe story of Rabbi Shalom SharabiRead More
  • Articulating Mystery Embracing tensions in Maimonides’ theologyRead More
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